Refralusit brick

Our lightest Andalusite brick, completely transformed by the ES technology


Ready for 1 layer

REFRALUSIT® ES offers the unique possibility of installing a 1-layer Andalusite lining in the burning and calcining zone, because conventional Andalusite bricks would lead to a roughly 30 % higher shell temperature, which previously prohibited their use.


Comparison of 1-layer and 2-layer lining

Refralusit 2-layer lining

The coolest part

Our ES technology can do even more: the unique properties of REFRALUSIT® ES also allow 2-layer lining, where the shell temperature can be reduced by up to 10%.

Refralusit 2-layer lining
Hugo Soto, General Manager, Refractory Solutions spa

Hugo about REFRALUSIT® ES:

We selected the REFRALUSIT® ES for its unique insulating properties and the easy to install 1-layer lining concept, since sometimes it can be difficult to find personnel with installation skills required for the 2-layer concept.

Furthermore, we can use it to reduce the shell temperature of our clients if they want to keep the 2-layer concept.

Hugo Soto, General Manager, Refractory Solutions spa, Los Ángeles, Chile

REFRALUSIT® ES at a glance

  • REFRALUSIT® ES helps to reduce the carbon footprint
  • The 1-layer lining concept makes installation easier
  • Up to 40 % faster lining installation (1-layer lining)
  • Lowest heat losses – both with 1-layer and 2-layer linings
  • Reduced lining weight and therefore kiln load
  • Reduced transport costs and import duties
  • Higher performance achieved by thicker wear lining
  • Reinforced sinter bonding and a finer structure lead to higher strengths and an up to 25 % lower heat flow

REFRALUSIT® ES is a product of the unique ES series

Learn more about the 1 and only

In our Brochure you will find more information about REFRALUSIT® ES and its unique advantages.